wedding tips - alternate dress designs from Legends bridal

Top 5 amazing alternative wedding dresses for 2020

Top 5 amazing alternative wedding dresses!

There are many important parts to a wedding, the venue, food and music (which you can find with us at ). However, another important factor is the bride’s dress. It is a great opportunity for the bride to not only look and feel beautiful but express herself! Every bride is different, some prefer the traditional white, which is awesome, but some prefer to stray from the white and strive for a more alternative look on their special day. So, we at live piano have researched and sourced our 5 favourite alternative dresses. Read on to see our picks and read to the end for a wild card surprise!

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wedding tips - alternate dress designs from Legends bridal

Zorya Vechernyaya – Evening Star

This stunning black dress from Legend Bridal Designs is the perfect pick for those seeking an alternative style. From the glitter details to the stars on the front, this dress couldn’t be better. I personally think black dresses at weddings are amazing and make a statement like nothing else could. Matched with a black veil and black heels, this dress is absolutely beautiful.
Click on the title to visit our friends at Legends Bridal of Blackburn. These ladies really do specialise in Alternative wedding dresses.

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Gwendolyn bodysuit

This glamorous half black, half white dress from Rock The Frock is absolutely gorgeous! The tulle skirt along with the slit in the leg makes the style alternative but the floral white top adds a touch of traditional elegance to the look. I think this dress is beautiful and would love to see it in action at a wedding.
Brides looking for this beautiful dress can click on the image to visit Rock The Frock or alternatively they have stores in Cheshire and Essex plus a presence at several John Lewis stores around the UK

wedding tips - alternative wedding dresses - love bridal

Love Bridal

Check out this super cool dress we found on the Love Bridal Pinterest page! Although it isn’t a stereotypical “alternative” dress, the thick fabric and lace top definitely stray from traditional. The lace flowers dotted all over the dress are eye catching and the half sleeves are stunning! I love the creme colour with a slight purple sheen (as I see it) and the subtleness make it all the more beautiful.
Our friends at Love Bridal will have loads of great ideas for alternative wedding dresses – or indeed any style of wedding dresses

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This absolutely amazing number from Legend Bridal Designs (I cant get enough!!) is so cool! The pink and brown compliment each other well and the ruffles on the skirt section are so elegant. Along with this, the flowers and brown top section are so modern! The brown circles hanging from the dress are also really cool! This dress is so aesthetically pleasing and definitely strays from the traditional look. I personally love this dress so much, along with Legend Bridal Designs, and everyone I have showed this dress to thought it was awesome also.
With a second entry in our top 5 amazing alternative wedding dresses it is definitely worth clicking on the picture and seeing what Legend Bridal Designs have to offer

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Izzard Two Piece – House of Olichon

The last dress of our list is actually a two piece! The pencil skirt paired with the bandeau top really make a statement and express the brides style in a very unique way! The fact it’s a rare style makes it all the more alternative. The tassels on the bottom and sleeves are gorgeous, and the geometric patterns throughout the piece are very interesting! Personally, this dress gives me a bohemian vibe (I’m classing it as alternative because it strays from the traditional white gown) and would be perfect at a summer (possibly even beach) style wedding! I love it!

Wedding tips - Alternative wedding dresses - tailored suit

Wild Card!!

As I have previously mentioned, we have a wild card in our list. As we know, every bride is different and expresses themselves differently. Some choose black dresses, white dresses or even pink dresses. However, some brides don’t like dresses at all and choose to wear suits!
Here I have linked a gorgeous navy suit which can be found on the BUniversestyle Pinterest. The deep navy is elegant and beautiful but the sharp look gives it an overall very powerful look. The navy blue and crisp white compliment each other perfectly and the bow tie tops it all off amazingly. The suit can be used for business but is perfect for weddings too. I personally think wedding suits are so awesome and would love to see this one in action! Not only is it an alternative style but makes a powerful statement and is eye catching whilst walking down the aisle.