Liz Hendry wedding pianist seen here with Mr & Mrs buttery at Rookery hall

Absolutely perfect! Rookery Hall, June 2018

Liz Hendry Wedding Pianist at Rookery Hall

Why did you book The Live Piano Experience?
We knew we wanted a live music element to our wedding but in general found that that music played by event pianists/etc. tended to be the same songs. What caught our eye, and ultimately was the reason for us booking The Live Piano Experience, was the range of songs Liz has in her repertoire. Our music tastes are quite ‘alternative’, which we had to tone down a bit for the evening music, but Liz was able to play that genre of music on the piano and make it work in a wedding dining setting. We particularly enjoyed seeing the look of ‘Hang on… I know this song…’ on the faces of our guests. Also the ability to learn a new piece specifically for our wedding was fantastic, meaning that we know our wedding ceremony was completely unique. We requested Liz learn a new piece of music for us, which she performed brilliantly.

What effect did we have on your wedding day?
A fantastic effect. Liz’s song selection and performance was absolutely perfect for the venue and the event. Many guests have commented to us how fantastic the music was, and the brides father added a thank you into his speech!

How professional were we?
Extremely professional – no complaints here at all. We were able to specify specific songs for the ceremony itself, but then provide a genre/theme for the evening, which was extremely helpful and not something other live music suppliers offered! Liz even discussed exactly how she would perform the music for the bride walking down the aisle to make sure it matched perfectly.

Would you recommend us to friends and family? yes

Thank you again for being part of our wedding! You really helped make the day memorable and fantastic. Absolutely perfect!

Mr & Mrs Buttery